Tiny submissive accomodating female

Slowly squinting both eyes is a cat's way of a friendly smile.

If you squint at cats, and they like you, they'll squint right back at you.

They cannot now be unaware that sympathy for their proposed strike escalation (a two day stoppage this week followed by an all-out daytime strike with no emergency cover on April 26-27) is running out as unease grows that the principle of ‘do no harm’ has yielded to ‘do no more overtime’.

As Adam Boulton noted also in : ‘Duty and responsibility as motivations for action have been replaced by what is forced out of individuals by the assertion of conflicting rights’. But the feminists' gender parity agenda is never far away. I am talking about their demand for special treatment for less work – if you happen to be one of the women who graces the NHS with her part-time and uncommitted presence.

(4/16/16) "Elsa" is a 3-4 yr old spayed female Pit Bull mix, rescued from being left on the side of the road.

She's weighs about 50 lbs, is heartworm negative, current on vaccinations and microchipped.

There's a theory that says that a cat will lie on the floor in your ususal walking path as a way to communicate.

Not to be obnoxious, in a "I'll lie here as I please and y'all can walk around my Royal Self" but to communicate that they trust you.

Junior doctors in their thousands vented their outrage at Dominic Lawson’s column on the subject.

All hell broke out – on the comment stream and in the Twittersphere. From young anaesthetists who believed society’s gratitude to them should know no bounds, to aggressive ‘troll’ doctors with their barely veiled threats about my own health care should I need it, it was all flung at ‘despicable’ me.

It would never have occurred to me that doctors spent so much of their time on social media.

Yes, that’s exactly what part-time junior doctor Dr Rachel Clarke, representing the BMA’s militant case, demanded on Saturday morning’s programme.

Unless she were paid the same as her full-time working male colleagues for her part-time hours it would count as an act of discrimination.

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