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“I had to learn how to be in an adult relationship,” Amanda said.Tensions arose with her fiance when she failed to understand why he wanted to spend time with friends, or needed own space in the house they share.10 Things To Consider When Divorced Parents Start Dating Again Children have mixed emotions about their parents’ new relationships.Depending upon their age, they may feel betrayal, jealousy, anger, confusion and even guilt. Children may feel that the parent who is first to begin a new relationship is betraying the other parent.Hopefully your mom or dad has given you, and themselves, enough time to adjust to the divorce before they start dating.If not, have a conversation with them about how their dating makes you feel, and try to come up with some agreed guidelines for their dating.And, it’s natural for you to not want your parents to date other people.

Life after divorce is a good time for discovery – as long as you don’t ignore what your children are going through, and how your exploration might mess with their heads – or their hearts.Consider all the other life events that you contended with — job and home changes, the passing of loved ones, a Republican administration or two. But doing so puts you in danger of being stuck in the past, and missing out on growth and fun and love.Consider a woman I’ll call Amanda — the fiance of an old friend.Next to your parents actually getting a divorce, the hardest thing you might face is when they start dating other people.It’s weird to see your father with someone other than your mother or your mother with anyone other than your father.

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On the other hand, I will point out that his younger brother wanted me home and available only to the two of them, though I doubt he would admit as much.

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