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A 2008 report by Display Search cited a number of reasons for this shift, including the ability for PC and monitor manufacturers to expand their product ranges by offering products with wider screens and higher resolutions, helping consumers to more easily adopt such products and "stimulating the growth of the notebook PC and LCD monitor market".BLINDFOLDED so our dear brother would not be able to identify those familiar and famous faces he was presented to, blindfolded so he would only hear his interrogators, blindfolded so he would not see his torturers who are familiar to him as Bro.

Conversely it is quite common to use a technique known as center-cutting, to approach the challenge of presenting material shot (typically 16:9) to both a HD and legacy 4:3 audience simultaneously without having to compromise image size for either audience.The Community fund for the 16:9 Action Plan amounted to €228 million.In 2008 the computer industry started switching to 16:9 as the standard aspect ratio for monitors and laptops.Sa ibang mga pagsasanay at pilosopiya, ang Hinduismo ay kinabibilangan ng isang malawak na spektrum ng mga batas at preskripsiyong mga "pang-araw araw na moralidad" batay sa karma, dharma, at iba pang mga norm ng lipunan.Ang Hinduismo ay isang konglomerasyon ng natatanging mga pananaw na intelektuwal o pilosopikal sa halip na isang hindi mababagong karaniwang hanay ng mga paniniwala.

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